3 Tips on Setting the Right Budget from Stonegate Financial Group and Jameson Van Houten

Stonegate Financial Group and Jameson Van Houten know that budgets are certainly not something that is a one-size-fits all solutions. Every budget for every individual, family or business must be looked at carefully in order to account for any and all necessary expenses that must be paid throughout the month or year. In addition, unexpected expenses must be prepared for. Things like injuries, car troubles, house troubles and more should all be accounted for when setting a budget that will work. With the help of these top tips that are being revealed, people can get on the right track this fall with a budget that will help them to achieve their goals.

Top Two Tips for Planning for Retirement from Stonegate Financial Group

The Certified Financial Planners at Stonegate Financial Group know that planning and saving for retirement is extremely important at a very early age. As soon as you start earning your first paycheck, in fact, you should be selling aside money for the future. One of the best ways to plan ahead is to diversify where you are placing your retirement money. A diversified and balanced investment portfolio is always a great way to plan for the future shares SFG’s CEO Jameson Van Houten.

Another top retirement planning tip is to always make it a point to stay organized financially. With all of the statements, receipts, transactions and more that people have throughout the year, it can be easy to get buried in paper. Pay stubs, tax returns, monthly statements and more should all be kept in a specified place, where they can be easily accessed come tax season. If you stay organized throughout the year, it will be much less stressful and hectic once tax time comes around.

Boosting contributions year over year is another great way to ensure that you will have some money tucked away for retirement. Putting bonuses, tax return money and more into a designated account now will help ensure a prosperous future.

Stonegate Financial Group Jameson Van Houten Reveals Important Rates in 2014

Stonegate Financial Group Jameson Van Houten shares that the first half of 2014 has been extremely eventful in regards to different trends that have been occurring in the economy. While looking at some of these rates, the economy seems promising and could potentially lead to great things in the future. While the state of the economy appears to be hopeful, there is nothing guaranteed in the months and years to come. These are some of the most notable changes in 2014.

  • CPI: The CPI, or Consumer Price Index, is up so far in the first few months of 2014. This has increased overall 2.1% and excludes spending on food and energy.
  • Interest rates: Ever since the downturn of the economy in 2008, interest rates have decreased in the hopes of economies around the world making stronger efforts to recover. However, there is a concern that these market bubbles could cause potential problems further on down the road. It was anticipated that interest rates would begin increasing in 2015, but this is dependent on the state of the economy at that time.
  • Unemployment rates: Stonegate Financial Group Jameson Van Houten states that so far, 2014 has brought about a positive increase when it comes to addition of jobs in the economy. During the first several months of this year, a total of 281,000 jobs in the private sector have been created. This is excellent news, as this number was 71,000 more jobs than was originally thought to be created. In order for more jobs to be added to the marketplace, many investors believe that the economy will have to continue to grow and remain strong.


Jameson Van Houten Shares Retirement Tips

Jameson Van Houten Shares Retirement Tips

Jameson Van Houten Shares Retirement Tips

Jameson Van Houten Stonegate Financial Group knows that many who are planning for their upcoming retirement often wonder about how they can generate more income. This is especially important during the recent low interest rate environment. The truth is, many investors make the mistake of taking excessive risks to make up for any losses. The best course of action is to work with the pros who can best suggest your next move to make the most gain. For more information, please visit www.stonegatefg.com

Stonegate Financial Group Jameson Van Houten Discusses Building an Income in Retirement

Stonegate Financial Group Jameson Van Houten knows that when it comes to retirement, many people wonder about how they can continue to build their income with the current rates are as low as they are.  The truth is, questions regarding this are very common and also are very important to consider.

Starting off, it’s important to think about what not to do in this situation. For investors who make the error of focusing on yields, this also increases risks. This is often meant to generate income from your portfolio as the rates fall. And when the rates increase again, investors become more vulnerable to significant loss of their principal. For any conservative investors, this is something that should be avoided.

Having a limited amount of foreign bonds and preferred stock are both things that can help generate income. By having core bond holdings with high credit quality along with maturities that are both short to intermediate are other ways as well. By utilizing the proper asset allocation, a portfolio that is continuously balanced at regular intervals can help create greater appreciation and income.

Stonegate Financial Group Jameson Van Houten believes that all investors should help clients create a unique plan that will best work with their situation. Working with a certified financial planner can help determine what that might be by considering the long term effects instead of just here and now.  Taking some of the above steps can help achieve success in your financial plan and can also helps create security during an important life change.

Stonegate Financial Group Jameson Van Houten Demonstrates Why Children Should be Financially Sound

Stonegate Financial Group Jameson Van Houten is a leader in its industry when it comes to advising clients what is the best way to spend their money. Located in Scottsdale, Arizona, this company prides itself in being able to help individuals create financially sound habits with their money. Although their customer base is exclusively made up of grown adults, the company knows the importance of teaching these tactics to young children as well.

Many people believe that borrowing money is an extremely sensible solution to all of their spending problems. Instead of becoming more frugal with their earnings, they take an enormous sum of money out from the bank. What most people forget about is the huge amount of interest that needs to be paid as well. The best way to make children aware of this concept is to talk to them about it at a very young age.

When children just have to buy that newest product, they know that they can always rely on the bank of mom and dad to get some money. What they don’t know is that this is a loan, and these habits can lead to expensive consequences further on down the road. Although the bank of mom and dad does not collect any interest, kids need to be aware that all other bank loans will have a 12-18% interest rate that occurs until the money gets paid back in full. Stonegate Financial Group Jameson Van Houten says that parents need to teach their children that it is not smart to take out loans, as you will have to pay back more than you borrowed in the first place.

Stonegate Financial Group CEO is One of Top Financial Advisors at Barron’s Event

Stonegate Financial Group is a wealth management company that proudly serves its clients in the Greater Phoenix Area. Jameson Van Houten is the CEO of the company and has received many respectable honors over the years. Of the most recent respects that Van Houten has been given was being named one of the Top Independent Financial Advisors around the country. Barron’s magazine, a major publication in the financial world, hosted the event for the fifth time this year, where 75 of the top financial advisors were in attendance. Jameson Van Houten was able to attend and learn more about the financial industry and bring back new strategies to his business.

The goal of the Top Independent Financial Advisors Summit is for all of the leaders in the industry to unite and discuss trials of triumph and hardship of their businesses and find new ways to improve. Because of the economic state of the country in most recent years, this event has increasingly become more helpful for those who are in attendance. With some of the most brilliant financial minds all in one arena, they are able to discuss current issues and learn how to conquer them. Stonegate Financial Group is honored that CEO Jameson Van Houten could be in attendance at this year’s event.

For more information on Stonegate Financial Group and CEO Jameson Van Houten, please visit http://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/jameson-van-houten-stonegate-financial-group-named-amongst-top-financial-advisors-that-attended-barrons-top-independent-advisors-summit-257323651.html.


May 27

Stonegate Financial Group Jameson Van Houten Points Out Things to Consider About Retirement Savings

When it comes to saving for retirement, Stonegate Financial Group Jameson Van Houten knows that there are a lot of important factors to consider. Many people wonder how much to set aside and how to prepare for this important time in anyone’s life. There are a few different ways to look at the equation, but remembering a few things along the way may help save time spent planning and also some money in the mean time.

Consider the decrease in responsibilities: Paying the maximum into a 401K, saving up for college tuition and paying down a mortgage are priorities during midlife. Spending money on professional looking (and also expensive) attire and eating lunch on the go all add up. But with smart planning, these expenses won’t affect your budget in the future and are important to take into consideration while saving for retirement.

Focus on Investing/ Correcting Errors Made in Early Years: After retirement, trial and error is somewhat necessary to focus on in order to find out what works best. Some find themselves spending too much in their earlier years and then are forced to tighten their belts to prepare for the future. But as years pass, money spent seems to decrease. Some spend time traveling during their first years away from work, something likely to decrease with age, then focus on lower-priced activities like spending time with their children and grandchildren as they age. Stonegate Financial Group recommends spending time considering what plans work best for your needs and not being afraid to ask for questions or for help as needed.